The Jesus Pro Am falls under the legal and accountability structure of Christian Surfers Australia (CSA). CSA is a non-profit organisation that aims to be “A Christian Presence and Witness in the Australian Surfing Community”. CSA was established over 30 years ago and now consists of around 40 groups across Australia, involving hundreds of volunteers, and supporters. Through these groups, CSA offers many activities such as, day trips, camps, surf competitions, annual conferences, leadership courses, fundraising events such as “Paddle against poverty” & community gatherings.

The Jesus Pro Am (JPA) was first held in 1985 at Manly beach and since then it has been staged at manly of Australia’s iconic beaches. In 2009, the JPA went for a single event per year to holding multiple events. It attracts elite surfers from around Australia and has a rich history of winners, including: Mitch Crews, Nic Squires, Mark Matthews, Amy Donohoe, Philippa Anderson, Robbie Page, Mick Lowe and Ellie-Jean Coffey. With the surfing format of Cadet boys & girls, Open men’s & women’s and an air expression session, which is always a crowd favorite. This sets the scene for an exciting 2 days of surfing. With its large group of volunteers made up of Christian Surfers, local Churches and the local community, we create a unique atmosphere where people come together to relax and enjoy.

Some of the activities you will find at a JPA:

The Hub (Hospitality Tent) – this is a meeting place where we serve free tea, coffee and yummy cakes (all hand made with love from the local churches) to the competitors and spectators. Also, you can fill up on our BBQ breakfast & lunch. This is a café style seating and depending on the location, lounges, where people can just come and relax and enjoy the competition from a vantage point.

Interactive areas – each JPA is unique and have their own interactive areas. For example, there have been art displays, fair trade stalls, chill out zones, live music, skate board ramps, live radio broadcasting, giveaways, live music, competitions (win a surfboard), prayer (for those that need a little extra love) and remedial massage (for competitors only) offered by qualified physiotherapists.

Global Focus – The JPA have partnered with World Vision Australia (WV) to showcase social justice issues. Together JPA & WV are working on a project in Indonesia. Together with CSA & WV we hold a paddle-a-thon’s, in 2011/12 we collecting signatures on a surfboard that will be present to parliament stating – Surfers of Australia want to see poverty ended.

Honour Role

Year Opens Mens Open Women’s Cadets Boys Cadets Girls Air divison Location
2012  Nic Squiers Phillipa Anderson  Jackson Giles Holly Warn Johnnie Keith Newcastle
2011 Connor O’leary Freya Prumm Chris Roberston Stephanie Single Otis Carey Cronulla
2011 Mitch Crews Audrey Styman-Lane Mitchell Parkinson Stephanie Single Dru Adler Gold Coast
2010 Nic Squiers Ellie-Jean Coffey Chris Robertson Ellie-Jean Coffey Dru Adler Cronulla
2010 Nic Squiers Phillipa Anderson Mitchell Parkinson Ellie-Jean Coffey Ben Hannah Coffs Harbour
2010 Ice Pereira-Ryan Brodie Doyle Mitchell Parkinson Kristen Ogden Oney Anwar Gold Coast
2009 Nic Squiers Yvonne Byron Jacob Hooker Codie Klein Chris Enever Wollongong
2009 Dale Lovelock Phillipa Anderson Jackson O’Donnel Ellie-Jean Coffey Billy Kean Coffs Harbour
2009 Nick Riley Phillipa Anderson Connor O’Leary Jess VanDerMeer Steve Ahrens Manly
2008 Blake Thronton Yvonne Byron Connor O’Leary Ellie-Jean Coffey Luke Reading Manly
2007 Mitch Vanderveer Yvonne Byron Jordi Watson Kirby Wright Cronulla
2006 Dylan Hannah Amee Donohoe Chris Salisbury Cronulla
2005 Fletcher Hayllar Lyndsay Noyes Joe Sear Cronulla
2004 Kurt Nyholm Lyndsay Noyes Ashley King Bendalong
2003 Glyndyn Ringrose Amee Donohoe Leigh McMahon Damien Wills Maroubra
2002 Mark Matthews Sandra English Sam Page Kable Rowlinson Bendalong
2001 Mick Cain Amee Donohoe Jackson Forbes Wollongong
2000 Kurt Nyholm Sandy Ryan Bendalong
1999 Kurt Jacobs Sandra English Khy Vaughn Manly
1998 Nick Wallace Sandra English Todd Mingram Bendalong
1997 Wylie Fowler Kim Moran Peter Hughes Cronulla
1996 Tony Seddon Kim Moran Peter Hughes Bendalong
1995 Matt Griggs Yvonne Rogencamp Drew Courtney Maroubra
1994 Mick Lowe Kim Woldridge Phil Macdonald Bendalong
1993 Andrew Murphy Kim Woldridge Ben Nolan Bendalong
1991 Andrew Murphy Manly
1990 Dean Cole Manly
1989 Jamie Lambert Manly
1988 Matt Cattle Manly
1987 Simon Law Manly
1986 Rob Page Manly
1985 Simon Law Manly